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Happy Shopping Renters with Happy Endings

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Now more than ever when it comes to renting a house or an apartment in Westchester County or in the Bronx you need to be prepared to position yourself front and center when planning!  What do we mean by this?

The credit and application process play a paramount role.  In order for you being able to be chosen by the Landlord first or to be a prominent front runner, your credit should be as close as possible to 680 and your employment and current residence solid,  meaning that you have always been current on your rent.   A letter explaining who you are and why you wish to reside at the property and for how long could assist you and your family on the way to a happy ending.

So remember, when you make the move to move, come prepared!  Have a current credit report, your last month’s pay stubs,  the last 2 month’s bank statements, a letter from your current landlord stating that you are current on your rent and always have been, along with a letter of why you are moving and a little about yourself.  This along with your rental application will make you a front runner in the Westchester County & Bronx rental market.

Also, please note that if you decide to work with a Westchester County or Bronx Realtor to assist you in your rental search there is a rental fee that will need to be paid by the renter to the Real Estate Broker, as well as your first month’s rent along with security to the landlord before you move in.

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