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The Power of Prayer

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Just before midnight I had completed a small rental deal in the Bronx between two gentlemen, Hector & Albert. For the first time in my 27 year career, I witnessed something unlike I have ever before! After we got done negotiating the price of the rental, both men prayed on it, and then prayed for me as well, all on the telephone that evening.

I had just returned visiting my family from my homeland,Israel.  I grow up on the River Jordan.  My brother & I used the fish and swim in these water as children, and still do to this day.  Years later a baptismal site was built and people from all over the world come to get baptized in these waters of my home.

Not being very religious myself, I always consider those who are, and I make it my business to always return with many bottles of Holy Water from the River Jordan to give to my customers & clients throughout the year.

I had given Hector the day before a bottle of Holy Water. I had also taken a picture of a street sign in Israel that said Shiloh, which is a town.  I sent it off to Albert, because Shiloh is the name of Albert’s daughter.

A bottle of Holy Water, a picture of a street sign, bringing these two gentlemen together and the power of prayer, makes me feel that there is goodness and strength among us.


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