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A Journey like None Other

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My daughters Yael, Leemore and I just returned from a family visit to the Holy Land of Israel and wish to share with you some thoughts & snapshots.

The arrival at the iconic biblical Jordan Valley is something we did not yet have a chance to get used to, even though we have come down that mountain so many times before. The reflective sky blue Galilee Lake, joined by green water in the River Jordan, hidden by the palm and eucalyptus trees and the Golan Heights towering over the entire scene, leaves you breathless!

The following morning, soft warm wind caressed nature in all of its glory. Green parakeets flew over head landing ever so slightly on top of pecan tree branches as people were slowly making their way to work and other activities. My girls had a chance to bike ride all around the Jordan Valley as my friend Dudu and I chose to walk along side the Galilee Lake, stopping at points to learn of its rich history. We ran into the girls licking ice cream as they were returning back to their grandparent’s home.

The next day we set out to take the grand tour of Grandpa’s Magic Garden behind his house for the last 45 years. Olive, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and pecan trees were all part and parcel of the morning outing. My father explained how he grows and maintains the trees and the girls captured the whole thing on film.

The trip up the West Bank of the River Jordan, heading towards Jerusalem had its own very special appeal; green covered mountains, Shepherds mounted upon donkeys and on foot attending to their sheep and us, waving at them with a smile. Looking down from the top of the mountain, the views below were out of this world.

The day before our return my father and I went down to the River Jordan to scoop up some Holy Water for our many friends in New York and here we are, 2:18 am Tuesday morning sharing our memories with you and your family.

Those of you wishing to receive a gift of River Jordan Holy Water kindly contact me.

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