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Buyers Go Directly to the Listing Agent. It’s in your best Interest!

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We all agree when you are looking to buy real estate in Westchester County or the Bronx, that buying directly from the Listing Agent of the property that you are interested in is in your best interest.  The Listing Agent has direct access to the Seller with all the information that is needed to make a deal.  For a Westchester or Bronx Realtor there is nothing like selling your own listing.

The question here is how does one find the actual Realtor who listed the property you are interested in?  With all the information being thrown at you on the World Wide Web, you might think your head is about to explode at any moment.

Let me simplify things for you. Let’s say you are searching for a property on one of the popular Real Estate websites, like Trulia, Zillow etc… What you usually see at the top of the page on the side of the page on any given listing of a property will be 3 names of Premier Agents. These are not the Listing Agents for the property you are looking at.  Who are these Realtors?  They are paying for advertising their names to be on these pages to get leads.

Where to find the actual  Listing Agent?  Depending on the web page it is normally all the way at the bottom of the page. By law the Listing Agent must be visible to the public. Remember the Listing Agent holds all the  knowledge, incite and other favorable details to help both the Buyer and Seller arrive quickly to a positive conclusion for both parties.

See you at the closing!

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