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The Low Heart Rate Close

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Listen up Buyers & Sellers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, as well as all New York Real Estate related industries.

Have you ever walked into a showroom where a salesperson looked at you as if you were a “Live Target” for all of his or her financial and material desires in life? Well, we think it’s a big “No, No”!  It is the worst kind of case scenario, and a direct violation of your consumer rights.

When dealing with buying or selling Real Estate in Westchester County and the Bronx, you alone must and should be the main concern of your Realtor. How and in what way will buying New York Real Estate affect you & your family?  Is it a fit for your financial buying power?  Is your Realtor including all the related expenses in the over all picture, i.e. heating, water etc…? If you are selling New York Real Estate is your Realtor giving you all the advice possible to lead you to the finish line, maybe a pre-inspection so there are no surprises on your end when a buyer makes an offer that is accepted?

We suggest putting The Consumer front and center in the process and letting the river flow where it needs to go as opposed to try and divert it. Now remember, just because you think that way, does not necessarily mean everyone else attached to your transaction will.

In a real estate transaction for instance, do you think as a Buyer the Seller’s Attorney cares about you? Think again!!! What about the Home Inspector, do they care about the Seller for one second? No, they do not!  They work in the other party’s best interest. Does that however mean that some of them need to be so abrupt, inconsiderate and hell bent on doing their very best for their client to the point of taking not only the joy and satisfaction out of the transaction, but its very life! Who ever said that in order to make a business transaction every side needs to pull in the opposite direction even if it is not called for?

Our aim at the YCL Real Estate Consulting Group LLC is to bring Buyers, Sellers and all Real Estate related professionals involved in a deal of buying or selling a home together in a way new to the Real Estate profession where every side let’s the river flow, and has a smooth landing at the shore.

So, the next time you find yourself a “Live Target” move on.  Find a Realtor who cares about you & your family.

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