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Think your Property Tax is too High? Read on…

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The following information is provided by our YCL Property Tax Consultant, Mr. Richard D. O’Donnell.  You can find all of his contact information on our “Resource Page”  under Tax Abatement. His website: The following are…

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How Important is it to Check Your Credit Report Before Buying a Home? Very!!

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At YCL Real Estate Consulting Group, our goal is not only to help you find your dream home, but also to offer you tips to help you improve your credit score so that you…

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Lesly Vixama

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Lesly Vixama

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Cammie Artusa

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On a scale from 1 to 10? I would give you guys a 100!!! The Best!!!

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Flip Tax, What Does it Mean for a Coop Owner and Buyer?

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A Flip Tax is a fee that a co-op charges (usually to the seller) upon the sale of the apartment. The general purpose of the Flip Tax is to increase revenue for the co-op…

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Should We Buy or Should We Rent? What to do?

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When deciding whether or not to buy a home for the first time, it is essential to compare the benefits of buying versus renting. Renting provides the liberty to move when the lease expires…

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We Finally Decided to Sell Our Home…Now what?

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Now that you have decided to sell your home, it is time to determine the list price. It is essential to list your home at the right price and it is important to get…

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How Can Homeowners Work Smoothly With Contractors?

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According to Tom Silva from the most popular PBS show “This Old House”,  look for a contractor whose personality is a good match for yours.  Of course, you’ll want one who does good work…

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Moving is a Nightmare!! However, with these following tips it can be made a bit easier.

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Now that you have sold your house and found a new home to live in, it is time to begin the transition. Moving can be a stressful time, but planning ahead will help you…

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