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Denise Maralle

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Thank you so very much! You did something that probably would have taken me hours and hours at City Hall to obtain! You are definitely doing your part to elevate the "bottom-of-the-barrel" reputation of real estate brokers and agents. I will do my small part in letting people know about your extra effort! Thank you again so very much.

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For Sellers & Buyers: What happens when an Offer is Presented?

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Like everything else in this world, the process of making an offer on a property and getting it accepted by the Seller, is step by step. So here we go: For the Buyer, an Offer to…

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Finally, Good News for First Time Homebuyers!

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We at the YCL Real Estate Consulting Group are very happy to share this exciting news with all of our future Buyers.  2015 has heralded in good news for those looking to buy a…

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Transfer Tax, the devil is in the details!

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Steven J. Colon Esq, contributing blogger and a member of our YCL team: Seller’s must pay the NYS and local transfer tax UNLESS otherwise agreed to. This typically comes up in New Construction but can…

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The Low Heart Rate Close

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Listen up Buyers & Sellers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, as well as all New York Real Estate related industries. Have you ever walked into a showroom where a salesperson looked at you as if…

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Buyers Go Directly to the Listing Agent. It’s in your best Interest!

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We all agree when you are looking to buy real estate in Westchester County or the Bronx, that buying directly from the Listing Agent of the property that you are interested in is in…

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A Journey like None Other

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My daughters Yael, Leemore and I just returned from a family visit to the Holy Land of Israel and wish to share with you some thoughts & snapshots. The arrival at the iconic biblical Jordan Valley is something we did…

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The Power of Prayer

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Just before midnight I had completed a small rental deal in the Bronx between two gentlemen, Hector & Albert. For the first time in my 27 year career, I witnessed something unlike I have…

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Happy Shopping Renters with Happy Endings

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Now more than ever when it comes to renting a house or an apartment in Westchester County or in the Bronx you need to be prepared to position yourself front and center when planning!…

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You know what, I have been thinking…

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As the Real Estate market in Westchester County & the Bronx heats up and the economy seems to be awakening from a long winter hibernation, human nature too is experiencing an evolution of sorts,…

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