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21 Questions That Help Make a House Sell Faster

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Will the answers to these questions help me get more cash for my home in a shorter period of time and with the greatest of ease? Does the house or any part of the…

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Sellers beware of hidden issues on your Certificate of Occupancy

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It is evident that the New York Real Estate market is starting to pick up speed in more than one way in 2013! Everyone’s gearing up! As a New York City, Westchester County &…

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Gabriela Franklyn

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How Important is Topography when you are looking to buy a Real Estate?

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Take a look around your New York Real Estate holdings, what do they all have in common? How close are they to bodies of water, on top of a hills, in the valley? Next,…

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Trees and Safety

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Due to the increasing pace of sales in the Bronx and Westchester real estate markets, it has become very important to pay attention to the following: In light of the recent storms, (Sandy & Irene) increasingly elevated risk levels to homeowners are a fact, and not only by shoreline areas, but across the board. As a Real Estate brokerage firm, YCL Real Estate Consulting Group specializes in sales of homes in the Bronx and Westchester County are pleased to be able to share information with you. Trees too near to a home and other structures are becoming something more & more homeowners will need to pay very close attention to, as well as plan accordingly from a safety's prospective. Changing weather patterns in what appears to be hints of Global Warming are forcing us all to start looking at things differently or else...!!! I would like to recommend taking smart ac

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